Ductile Iron Heavy Duty Airtight & Watertight Manhole /PWCS Cover & Frame(Square)

Comply with SS30:1999(2012)-A1, BSEN124:1994-D400, BS 9124:2008, (400KN)
SKU: DIMCATD400-0600, DIMCATD400-0800, DIMCATD400-09100610, DIMCATD400-1000, DIMCATD400-1200, DIMCATD400-12001000

Norika’s ductile iron airtight manhole cover has a load bearing capacity of up to 400KN and it has been tested by projects and approved by regulatory accredited testing lab. The airtight function prevents medium from entering or escaping, it also prevents internal overflow from inside out.



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BS 9124:2008, BSEN124:1994-D400, SS30:1999(2012) A1


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