Evolving with the times –
Deciphering True Power of Customer Feedback

Norika Manhole Covers & Frames “Safe, Solid, Durable”. Introducing Norika manhole covers, a product range which differentiates itself from its competitors by demonstrating ability to withstand impact and resistance against long periods of use and exposure to the elements. These manhole covers are also chemical and abrasion resistant for better strength and durability. Norika’s ductile … Read...

The Norika Smart Drain –
Where Aesthetics and Function Flow Together

In Singapore or other parts of the world, when bathroom floorings are concerned, it is easy to overlook the plumbing details as small as the floor trap. Who would have thought that a bathroom’s aesthetics can be further improved simply by choosing a Decorative Smart Drain over traditional water gratings and floor traps? The NORIKA … Read...

More about Liang Chew Hardware

Liang Chew Hardware Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1983. With a history of over 30 years, the company boasts a long-withstanding reputation as Singapore’s established sanitary hardware distributor. Liang Chew Hardware offers a wide range of products for sanitary, water and irrigation and swimming pools which are widely used in local residential and commercial projects … Read...